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The Heritage & Cultural Exchange

Other material


Studio portrait photo of Julio Salustiano


Personal handwritten letter from Ralph Huggins congratulating W T Smith on award of British Empire Medal

In addition to the tapes and summaries of the life histories of the people of Tiger Bay, there is much other material in the collection.
You can find many photographs on this website - the majority donated for sharing by the community who used to work and live in Tiger Bay or their family members. They show the multi-ethnic community living in this part of Cardiff, their family portraits, their houses and streets with the children playing, the pubs and shops and the many ships and trades connected to the Docks. They give a great overview of live in Tiger Bay in the early and mid twentieth century.
We also have photographs that focus on the area, the buildings, the Docks and the redevelopment in the 1960s and 70s. Some of these come from the Welsh Industrial and Maritime Museum which no longer exists.

In our documents collection you will find a variety of material. There are several newsletters and magazines, some from the Butetown History & Arts Centre, others such as Making Waves of a more general nature for the whole of Tiger Bay.
The collection also has touching personal documents, such as letters, union cards and seamen's discharge books showing years of travel to ports all over the world. Other documents, such as a school register, documents from local boarding houses and WW2 ration books show the daily life of those staying put in Tiger Bay.
A small part of the collection also specifically shows the history of the Butetown History & Arts Centre as a central focus of the Tiger Bay community for around two decades.